16.7.2017 | Daniel Kinc

Sweden lost another player and finished disappointed. Injuries let us down, said Zotterman

Boskovice – Last day of in-line hockey European championships started with the game between Sweden against Switzerland. Neither of the teams could reach the medal games. Tre Kronor has had a lot of injuries during the tournament, today they additionally lost their captain and finished game after loss 0:3 disappointed, meanwhile the Swiss side was happy for the win.


„We didn’t go for the puck sometimes. It’s loss and we didn’t play how we supposted to do. Injuries? It’s hard to play with only six players,“ said Wilma Zotterman.

„It wasn’t the game we wanted play, but it’s OK, because we won and that’s it. We wanted to play a little bit faster. Two wins in Boskovice? It’s not what we expected, but it is how it is,“ said Swiss player Stephanie Lehner after game.


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