16.7.2017 | Vojtěch Balon

Finland Stuns Italy 5:0, Captures Bronze Medals

B o s k o v i c e - Thanks to a good start to the game and two early goals, the Finnish women´s team beat Italy comfortably 5:0 and captured the bronze medals.


"We played really well as a team. Even though we wanted to go to the finals, we have a medal and this is what we got, so we are really happy with it," smiled Minnamari Tuominen after the win. "Overall we were a little bit better as a team. They fought hard, but we had a bit more skill," she added.

Italy´s captain Silvia Toffano (the interview was translated from Italian by her teammate Nadine Zaccherini) was not content with her team´s performance. "We should have approached the game better. We lacked in our defense and even though we tried our best, it was not enough. Finland scored two quick goals and our reaction was not the one we were hoping to get," she said.


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